Geo Notification v1.2 for Windows Phone 8 - Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Questions

I  traveling to / from the same address. Why do I have to fill up the same address over and over?

You do not have to. Open Geo Notification, navigate to History tab. Long hold on the address and select 'Save As Address'. Verify / update the pre-filled form and click save to add it to the inactive tab.

Why does the application show distance in meters / kilometers? I stay in the US and I would like to see the distance in miles.

Start Geo Notification --> Settings (icon in the application bar). In the Units select 'Imperial(US Measurement).

Why do I have to click the send button for text and email notification? The app should automatically send the text / email when the destination is reached or when defined address is departed.

Windows Phone 8 does not allow developers to send text, email or perform a call without user confirmation. While the app directly sending text or email would be awesome, it added a downside to the whole windows phone ecosystem which is currently very secure. Any rogue app can automatically send thousands of text messages or emails and can cause financial lose to the user and other serious repercussions.

We have tried to workaround this limitation by adding multiple way of notifying you to make sure you do not miss to click send.

  • toast message notification (shown on the top of the screen)
  • app tile showing the notification count and message
  • ability to enable geo notification for lock screen notification

However, the Facebook post option can automatically post without manual user intervention.

How do I remove ads displayed in the application and disable application signature on notification?

Ads can be removed by purchasing the 'Ad Free!' in app product. It can be access from the application bar menu and selecting 'remove ads' menu item.

Troubleshooting Questions

While tracking in background, app shows a message 'App has stopped tracking'. Why does this happen?

Geo Notification might show this message while the application is tracking in the background during the following conditions:

  • App has been tracking for 4 hours in the background without any interaction with you. Opening the application will start the tracking again
  • Phone went in a battery saver mode. All background task included Geo Notification background tracking will be stopped.
  • Phone is running low on memory
  • Location Services on the phone is disabled
  • Another app has begin running in the background
  • Geo Notification is blocked from running in the background

All the above conditions are as per the Windows Phone 8 function

Every time when Geo Notification is tracking and I hit the start button, the application pops up a message 'App has stopped tracking'.

This would most likely mean that Geo Notification is blocked from running in the background. This can be resolved by going to System settings --> Application tab --> Background Tasks.

If Geo Notification shows as blocked. Tap on it and check the box which reads 'Turn background tasks back on for this app the next time I open it. Restart Geo Notification.

If this is not the case, refer to the previous answer which explains all the other reasons why Geo Notification might not be running in background

Why does Geo Notification ask me to download Facebook Application?
If you do not have the official Facebook application installed on your phone, it will prompt to download it. This application is a prerequisite for using Facebook post option of Geo notification.

Why does Geo Notification prompt me two apps to open? Which one should I select?
If you have both Facebook and Facebook Beta installed on your phone, you will see an option to select the app when Geo Notification tries to login to Facebook. Either option will work. However, it is recommended to use the Facebook application over the beta app.

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