Geo Notification v1.2 for Windows Phone 8

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Geo Notification is a free location tracking app for the Windows Phone.  It can track multiple addresses at the same time and give prompts to notify others via text message, phone, email or Facebook Post when you arrive or depart from a particular address. It can be set to remind yourself of tasks that need to be done when you reach or leave a specified address. The application also has the flexibility to prompt to notify on entering a specified distance from the destination address or while exiting a specified distance from the departing address.

What is new in version 1.2

Notify your friends and family by posting messages to your Facebook wall on arrival or departure from an address.

How it works

Geo Notification application contains three pivots or tabs. The 'Inactive' pivot contains the list of address which are added and ready to track but are not being actively tracked. The 'Tracking' tab contains a list of addresses which are being tracked.

Geo Notification works by actively tracking location and verifying, if the distance to destination address or distance from departing address condition is satisfied. On completion of the condition, it triggers text, call, email or reminder which was configured for that address. Actively tracking an address refers to, getting the current location information using phone's GPS, WIFI or cell tower triangulation and computing the distance from the address being tracked.  The application has the ability to track the location even when running in the background.

New to Geo Notification 1.2 is the option to notify by posting on your Facebook wall on arrival or departure from an address. For log in to Facebook, Geo notification communicates with the official Facebook Application by Microsoft. Geo notification will prompt to download Facebook app, if the app is not already installed on the phone. Message can be configured to be either automatically posted to your Facebook wall or it can be prompted for confirmation before being posted.

Check the Windows Phone Store for complete features of Geo Notification v1.2


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